The Beginning

Welcome to the home of Anika, Johnny, and Lucy.
We are two young-ish humans and a fluffy ball of love and cuddles. While one of us lays at home all day the other two spend their time gaining precious skills with the hopes to open their own restaurant some day. Residing in Eugene, Oregon, Jonathan works at a quaint little restaurant downtown called The Vintage. There he cooks up burgers, fondue and the most delicious drunken clams. Anika spends her days at the University of Oregon studying business or selling yummy bread and sweets at Great Harvest Bread. Off days are spent exploring new recipes, going on adventures (to concerts mostly) or just lazily hanging around the house.

As two young adults, we have experienced (and watched friends experience) all sorts of ups and downs when it came to financial stability. We both believe that the food we put into our bodies should be sustainable and healthy. We’ve both had our days when all we could afford to eat was fast food tacos, and it makes me cringe to think that people still eat that way and don’t give it a second thought. That is why we wanted to explore some ways to put together healthy (and tasty) meals without spending an arm and a leg each time we go to the grocery store. For us, that means being really aware of what we already have in the fridge, utilizing left-overs and freezing extras, creating mostly vegetarian meals, buying seasonally and exploring options for substitutes.

This blog will chronicle our journey to find some of the fastest, cheapest, and most delicious ways to eat at home. It will also serve as a journal to track our progress as young entrepreneurs looking to make our way in the restaurant industry.